UnivPlus Summer Abroad was committed to the promotion and student recruitment of international exchange programs in higher education, and has received support and direct authorization from many home and abroad universities. Our current core programs are UIBE (University of International Business and Economics) International Summer Sessions, SJTU(Shanghai Jiao Tong University)SCE International Summer School, FSU (Framingham State University ) Summer Program in China, BSU (Bridgewater State University ) Summer Program in China and BC (Broward College) Summer Program in China. The success of these programs facilitates not only the recognition of credit courses open in Chinese universities by overseas institutions, but also the short-term educational communication between Chinese and foreign students.Meanwhile, UnivPlus seeks partner universities home and abroad, explores and promotes overseas high-quality academic programs, assists Chinese universities to cooperate with foreign universities, to deepen internationalization of Chinese institutions.
Scholarship Program
  UnivPlus offer the following scholarship opportunities for our students, to motivate them to diligently study and improve themselves.

- Eligibility: The top 1% of students in each program will receive the "Outstanding Academic Performance" award

- Award Value: ¥2,000

- Selection: The selection is based on a comprehensive assessment includes GPA, professors’ recommendation, and students’ performance in summer programs. The results of selection will be announced within 4 weeks after each program ends.

  UnivPlus is also committed to help students better understand the local business environment and culture. Every year, we hold corporation visits and career talks given by executives in different industries to create for the students a chance to gain experience in career plan and business networking.

    2018 Beijing Leo Burnett the number one advertising company in the US

    2018 Beijing Hero Entertainment "Unicorn" company in the video games industry

    2018 Shanghai Six Tone The Paper's abroad media

Alumni Community

  Every summer, UnivPlus provides a variety of social and cultural activities to build a platform for students to know and understand each other.With UnivPlus, you can participate in the theme party, interact with thousands of students and professors from all over the world. With UnivPlus, you can enjoy all kinds of entertainment activities and fully enjoy the joy and friendship. The events are more wonderful than your imagination!

  After the programs, UnivPlus Alumni Association, benefited from the abundant resources, provides diverse activities to enhance friendship among our alumni and various internship and job opportunities. UnivPlus Alumni Association is a quality platform to help with Alumni's study, employment and life.