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Students' Messages

Yuan Xiaoqian

The Ohio State University

Last year I was a student, and this year I am a TA. UIBE carries too much memories, and I will always remember I am a UIBEr!

Gao Zexing

Boston University

The professors were incredibly insightful and patient. Learning at UIBE has laid crucial foundation for my academic path.

Deng Jiaqi

California Institute of the Arts

You can graduate more quickly since you can get more credits during the summer school. I got the credits of my courses and I made some friends as well. UIBE prepared a lot of fun activities and you can join that for free every week.

Yu Mingzhe

The Ohio State University

Thanks for the patience and responsibility of our teaching assistant, who helps me a lot during the whole program.

Zheng Tianzi

University of Oregon

I experienced the college life in China and the feelings are quite different from American university. We went to visit attractions on weekends. It was so much fun. The experiences at summer school were really awesome.

Wang Ziqing

Phoenix Christian High School

UIBE has offered me an opportunity to experience university curriculums before my high school graduation.

Professors' Messages

The summer institute is a time for serious teaching and learning.

Mark KramerHarvard University

I trust students learned a lot about the history of western culture, but I also learned a lot by questioning assumptions about western world views.

Dorothy VerkerkUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

It’s wonderful to see students enter as strangers and exit as friends.

Takis PoulakosUniversity of Iowa

Faculty are student-centered and focused on teaching strategies that are relevant and accessible.

Christian Van GorderBaylor University

They come from many different kinds of universities and colleges so the classroom is always full of vigor.

Hung ThaiPomona College