Bridgewater State University

2020 Bridgewater State University The tuition fees for summer courses are as follows

  1 Course 2 Courses 3 Courses
Pay by 2020/1/30
Tuition Fee $3030/¥20910 $3610/¥24910 $4190/¥28910
Pay by 2020/3/15
Tuition Fee $3117/¥21510 $3697/¥25510 $4277/¥29510
Pay by 2020/4/15
Tuition Fee $3291/¥22710 $3871/¥26710 $4451/¥30710
Pay by 2020/5/20
Tuition Fee $3407/¥23510 $3987/¥27510 $4567/¥31510

* The price show above covers tuition and fees for student activities offered by summer school, student registration and offering and shipping the first copy of the official transcripts.

Other costs during the summer sessions are not included, such as dinning, transportation and transcripts verification etc.

Refund instruction

Full tuition payments will be refunded if you cancel your registration before the refund deadlines. Students who withdraw later than the deadline may be entitled to a portion of the tuition fees for a given schedule. To apply for refund, , please click the details button, download the application form, and fill in the information. Our staff will contact you and deal with your refund after receiving your application.

For students who change the number of registered courses within the same session, refund amount will be the difference of tuition payment prior to and after the change. For example, if you change from two courses to one course , the refund amount would be the difference of the tuition payments for two courses deduct that of one course. We will refer to the refund application date and schedule to calculate your refund amount.

Please note that we do not refund through cash. Transaction fees (if any) will be deducted from the total amount of refund.​

Refund schedule

BSU Summer Session tuition refund schedule is as follows:

BSU Summer Session

Tuition Refund Schedule

Before May 20th, 2020 100%
May 20th - May 28th, 2020 50%
After May 28th, 2020 0